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Get the most out of your visit to Livingstone, also referred to as Victoria Falls, Zambia. Book your Livingstone activities online now. You are after all visiting the adventure capital of Africa. So what are you waiting for? Feast on this delicious platter of awesome things to do in Livingstone and get booking!

Livingstone (also known as Victoria Falls, Zambia) and the surrounding area is commonly known as the Adventure Capital of Africa. Visit Livingstone offers a large range of Livingstone activities in Victoria Falls, Zambia. The activities on offer range from adrenaline-pumping experiences such as bungee jumping and white water rafting, to relaxing activities like a calming Zambezi River Sunset Cruise. There are a number of wildlife activities available in Livingstone as well. A visit to Livingstone would not be complete without a tour of the majestic Victoria Falls themselves. We offer a complete range of Livingstone activities and can tailor-make your visit for a personalised experience.

Livingstone is also home to the famous Devils Pool (or Livingstone Island), perhaps the most famous Livingstone activity. Every second nearly 250 000 gallons of water pour over the cliffs of Victoria Falls. At the edge, a pool of calm water is where the daredevil swimmers risk a glimpse into the bottomless canyon below. Book your Livingstone activities with us today.

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Child Friendly Livingstone Activities

We know your kids are important and we want them to have as much fun in Livingstone as you do. That is why we think the children deserve their very own section on this website. So we have dedicated this space to the children on safari and put together a special list of child friendly activities in Livingstone and things to do in Victoria Falls, Zambia for your little ones.

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Have a look at the map below to find out where all the best Livingstone activities take place. Although you would usually be picked up from your hotel for your Livingstone activities, it is nice to get a bearing on your location while you visit Livingstone.

Livingstone Activities Prices

Livingstone activity prices at a glance. View all the activity prices below and select the ones that fall within your budge. Please note that some of the Livingstone activity prices listed below exclude National Parks fees that are payable on arrival at the activity.

Livingstone Activities FAQ's

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions about Livingstone activities. If you have any questions that we don't answer below, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with advice or any queries you may have with regards to what activities to do while you visit Livingstone.

We accept guests of all ages on most Livingstone activities. However, there are a few Adventurous Livingstone activities that are too dangerous for young children such as bungee jumping (minimum age 14 years) and white water rafting. (minimum age 15 years)

Children under the age of 12 pay half price on most Livingstone activities. The helicopter flights are an exception where children pay the full amount.

National Parks fees are not part of Livingstone activities prices. They are an additional fee charged by the Government when you enter the National Park, and help to maintain the Victoria Falls, Zambezi River and the surrounding National Park areas. These fees are to paid on arrival before your Livingstone activity if applicable.

Your safety and enjoyment are our main concern. Your Livingstone activities may be delayed due to weather conditions. Normally rainstorms only last about half an hour in Livingstone, so be patient, we will try to ensure you get to experience your activity. If you are unable to do the activity in Livingstone because of bad weather, we will refund you for the activity in full.

The water level of the Zambezi River varies remarkably throughout the year and this does affect some of the activities in Livingstone. The Livingstone region receives seasonal rainfall, and therefore the amount of water flowing over the Victoria Falls changes drastically.

The water level is at its lowest point around November each year. At this time of year the water falls mainly in the deeper section of the river on the Zimbabwean side of the Victoria Falls. During the low water season some areas of the Zambian side dry up completely leaving a gigantic crack of exposed bare rock in the earth. This may not be as spectacular as the Victoria Falls in full flood.

The water level is at its highest between April and May. During these months the Victoria Falls are a thundering wall of falling water and the spray from the falls can obscure the view.

So which time of year is best for Livingstone activities and to visit Livingstone? The real answer is all year round. During the dryer months between June and September you are more likely to spot wildlife in Livingstone, but during the wetter months, the Victoria Falls themselves are more impressive.

During the Jurassic Period (150-200 million years ago), volcanic activity resulted in thick basalt deposits covering large parts of Southern Africa. As the lava cooled and solidified, cracks appeared in the hard basalt crust, which were filled with clay and lime. Erosion and the course of the mighty Zambezi River cut through these softer materials, forming the first of a series of waterfalls and providing us with some adventurous Victoria Falls activities.

We've summed up all the best activities and things to do in Livingstone

To give you an overview of the Livingstone activities on offer and what to do when you visit, we have outlined what we think should be on your bucket list when you get here. Give us your feedback on the Livingstone activities that you have experienced, and advise your fellow travellers on the best things to do in Livingstone.

Zambezi River Cruise Activities

One of the best things to do in Livingstone is a Zambezi River Sunset CruiseA cruise on the mighty Zambezi River is a fantastic way to relax at the end of a fun filled day of activities in Livingstone. Which makes this a must do activity in Livingstone. That is why we offer a number of Zambezi River Cruise options for you to choose from, as we wouldn't want you to miss out. Choose from a number of variations of the most popular Classic, Luxury or Signature Sunset Cruises and sip gin & tonics as the sun sinks into the mighty Zambezi River. Or spoil yourself to a romantic Dinner Cruise and enjoy a four course meal as you float above the Victoria Falls. The cruise options in Livingstone are aplenty and cater for a range of budgets and preferences. Browse the below Zambezi River cruise options and select the one that best suits you.

DinnerSignautreLuxuryClassic • Lunch • Breakfast

Livingstone Helicopter & Microlight Flights

A helicopter flight or microlight flight over the magnificent Victoria Falls is a once in a lifetime Livingstone activity not to be missed. The sight of the thundering waterfall from the sky will leave you awestruck. Soar above the towering wall of mist created by the Victoria Falls, and be mesmerised as you witness the largest sheet of falling water in the World. Take a moment to appreciate this natural wonder and absorb the scenes that will not quickly fade from memory. And don't forget to take advantage of the numerous photographic opportunities you will get as you experience this helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls. Choose from the most popular 15 minute helicopter flight or explore more of the Livingstone area on the longer 22 or 30 minute helicopter flight.

Flight of AngelsZambezi Spectacular

Scenic, Wildlife & Nature Activities In Livingstone

Not the adventurous type? Get to know the Big 5 from the safety of a safari vehicle on a game drive. See elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo and leopards roam the African bush.  There are so many scenic activities in Livingstone, but the most important thing to do during your visit is a tour of the Victoria Falls themselves. Livingstone as a destination also offers a good variety of wildlife activities such as a full day trip to the Chobe National Park, or a game drive in a Big 5 concession.

Victoria Falls Guided TourChobe Day TripElephant Back SafariGame DriveWalk With Lions

Livingstone Adrenalin Activities

So you like a good adrenaline rush do you? One of the most adventurous things to do in Livingstone is bungee jumping. The 111-meter drop will give you four seconds to enjoy the view before you reach the bottom of your bungee, and you’re on your way up again. Just remember to bring your passport. The Zambezi River is the border between Livingstone, Zambia and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe so you’ll need it when walking onto the bridge which connects the two countries. If the bungee jump doesn't tickle your fancy why not try a bridge swing or for the more passive the bridge slide. Whatever your flavour, the Victoria Falls bridge hosts and array and adventurous Livingstone activities. Alternatively why not take to the rapids and challenge yourself to a day of white water rafting on the World famous Zambezi rapids.

Bungee JumpBridge SwingBridge SlideWhite Water Rafting

Food & Cultural Livingstone Activities

Visit Livingstone and explore the diverse culinary and immersive cultural side of this amazing destination. Visit a traditional Village as you’re introduced to some of the people who call Livingstone home. A visit to an authentic African village will give you a chance to interact with villagers and experience rural life first-hand. Watch them go about their daily lives and see how different life is in Africa. This is one of the most rewarding Livingstone activities and you can get involved in some of the community empowerment and development initiatives in Livingstone.

Steam Train Dinner • Traditional Village Tour

Livingstone Activity Packages

Experience more and pay less when you book our Livingstone activity packages. We have curated a combination of awesome Livingstone activities that we think you would like to experience together at discounted rates. When you book Livingstone activity packages you get the best bang for your buck and are able to make the most out of your visit to Livingstone.

Child Friendly Livingstone Activities

Although the majority of the activities in Livingstone are directed towards adults, there are a few things to do in Livingstone for children. Most of the child friendly activities in Livingstone charge children half price. So bring them along and make memories with the whole family.

Traditional Village TourBridge SlideVictoria Falls Tour